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Bring functionalities of other apps into your Notion workspaces.

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All apps live and work where you use Notion.

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One workspace. Every app.

Tasks, which you need to go to other apps to get done before, now can be done directly in Notion.

Preview & publish your Notion pages as blog posts on your website.

Discover & manage apps easily and confidently.

No more “another browser extension” stop working and break your Notion. Discover & manage high-quality apps all in one App Store.

Work Inside Notion

Apps live and work where you use Notion, both in browsers & desktop apps.

You do not open new browser tabs to use our apps. The apps work where you use Notion, not only in the browser but also in the Notion desktop app.

Notion-like Experience

Apps are built & governed under our high-quality app platform.

All apps are built & managed under the same technology provided by us to ensure uniform, performant, & Notion-like experience. Apps never conflict each other.

Discover & Manage

Discover & manage apps where you use them: in Notion.

1-click away to discover new apps, install, uninstall, enable, or disable them, all in Notion. Apps are automatically sync across your devices.

Get your Notion superpower today

It’s free to download and use the App Store forever. Get access to apps made just for Notion.

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Loved by Notion experts.

Our App Store is so Notion-like that folks can’t help but fall in love with it. Discover, get, & manage Notion apps has never been easier.

    • Amazing work! This will make it easier for Notion users to add apps to their workspace and will save developers time so they can focus on the product rather than dealing with browser compatibility issues.

      Notion Ambassador
    • Awesome idea, and app store inside Notion. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

      James Futhey
      Analytics at Adobe
    • Great concept of an App Store inside Notion. Used the first app from nbundle (Notion Themes), it was very smoothly integrated, works perfectly fine!

      Content Creator at Hashnode
    • Great start, the first nbundle app is working like a charm! Let's see what's coming next for developers.

      Software Engineer
    • Based on what I’ve seen from the founder's other app that uses this technology, I can’t wait to build some of my own widgets for our company. We use Notion for all of our projects, and 1:1 meeting notes, and all kinds of stuff.

      Jon Kinney
      Partner & CTO at Headway
    • Notion apps are awesome! I like them, especially by the founder . I think he is doing a great job 💯!

      Founder of iNotion

It’s free for everyone.

The App Store is completely free to use. Apps can be free or paid.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team at team@nbundle.com and someone will get back to you.

    • Is nbundle formal affiliates of Notion?

      No, we are not. However, we strive to build & maintain a user experience that feels Notion-like and as good as Notion would build it.

    • Are apps from nbundle free?

      There are free and paid apps. It is up to the app developer to decide if an app is free or paid.

    • I can't find an app for my workflow. What do I do?

      Our developers are working on more apps. Check back soon!

    • I click to nbundle icon but nothing happen?

      To use nbundle, log into your Notion, then see in the top right corner of the page, you'll see a 4-square button, this is where you can access nbundle & apps.

    • How can I uninstall nbundle from my Notion desktop app?

      Open the nbundle desktop app, then go to its menu bar, select Integrations > Uninstall from Notion.

    • What types of apps there are?

      Because nbundle-powered Notion apps live inside Notion, there is no limitation, e.g. Spotify app that plays certain playlists when you're in certain databases & pages.

    • How is nbundle different from Notion API?

      Notion API is server-side only. Apps using Notion API can't have custom user interface that enhance your Notion user experience. Apps using nbundle can.

    • Can I develop my own apps?

      Absolutely! You can develop your own apps using nbundle. Go to developers.nbundle.com for more details.